Every single time

Every day meet new people. Some of them says ” hello” , others says ” hey”. Some of them become friends. Few of them touch our hearts and leave marks in us. We learn how to communicate and think. How to spend our time. How to love.
We need somebody to be our baby. We wanna life in a fairytale in that cruel world. We need to be protected and feel desired.
Giving your life for your love without asking for that.
Dance in the death, losing your breath…
Is it worth really?! You can lose everything in your lifetime. We blame others or ourself for many things. Noone can protect and understand us better than ourselfs. But we try to find THE ONE, who knows us good enough to life with and make our dreams comes truth. To hug us when we need. Kiss our lips because we are their precious. Why we need that if we can trust only ourself?
We can fight for everything alone.
What love give us? Is it worth to look for love in that egoistic world?